Proton Therapy System Installation & Service

What Is Proton Therapy?

Proton therapy is an innovative form of radiation therapy that uses protons to treat cancer. During the treatment, accelerated protons are directed toward the location of the patient’s tumor and emitted at a precise level of strength so that the targeted radiation dose almost solely affects the cancerous tissue. It is an alternative to ordinary radiation therapy, wherein x-rays will continue to give off dangerous radiation doses as they exit the patient’s body.

Our Training & Certification

REMETRONIX is fully equipped, experienced, and certified to install and maintain proton therapy systems from all major manufacturers. Our certified rigging foremen have been independently trained through the Crane Inspection Certification Bureau, and our teams are fully forklift and OSHA certified. With over 43,000 installations completed since 1993, REMETRONIX is guaranteed to facilitate the quick and professional installation every medical facility deserves.

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Our nationwide installation teams are standing by to equip any hospital or medical office with a fully functioning proton therapy system. We utilize an assortment of light- to heavy-duty cranes and equipment, rigging machines to get them securely inside facilities, no matter what the challenge. We also offer comprehensive maintenance and repair services on all machines. To learn more about our proton therapy system installation services, call REMETRONIX today.