National MRI Cryo-Storage

Reduce Helium Boiloff With REMETRONIX

MRI systems use liquid helium to cool their superconductive magnets coils. Helium as a gas has a tendency to “boil off,” which makes it an expensive commodity. The super-cooled storage of MRI systems at REMETRONIX facilities minimizes helium boiloff, reducing operating costs while MRI systems are in transit or storage. REMETRONIX has also designed and implemented overhead crane services to allow for safe and efficient loading and unloading at all locations.

MRI Storage Facilities Across The United States

Our MRI cold storage facilities in California, Georgia and New Jersey are equipped to preserve the helium in your machine for the longest possible duration. We monitor the helium levels in every machine on a daily basis. When your system is ready to be installed in a facility again, our team will transport it where it needs to go and handle the full installation of your equipment.

REMETRONIX: Installing The Future

We offer flatbed services to and from facilities. Wherever your machine needs to go, REMETRONIX will get it there. When you need MRI storage services that will preserve as much helium as possible and save you thousands of dollars in the long run, you can count on our team to get the job done. Call REMETRONIX today to schedule your free consultation appointment.