REMETRONIX has performed over 20,000 installation projects since 1993, currently averaging over 2,500 a year. We have a team of over 100 mechanical installers, specializing in the installation of major medical imaging equipment. Our employees undergo extensive on-the-job and formal classroom training to ensure their skills and knowledge are current with state-of-the-art medical imaging system equipment.


Our experienced and trained staff generate customized first and final day checklists for each customer to report site and equipment conditions at the start of any job, as well as at the completion of the project, to identify any outstanding issues or out-of-scope items. Our Quality Management system ensures complete, accurate and timely turnover of equipment to the end user. Proprietary, project management software helps produce cost efficiency savings in the administration and deployment of our trained staff and logistics experts for multiple projects nationwide.


REMETRONIX Quality Assurance processes are compliant with the ISO 9001 certified. We employ statistical data analysis to pair each project with the most qualified personnel, coupled with our cutting edge processes produce a combination that meets and exceeds customer expectations.

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